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Inspired by climb culture.

Inspired by climb culture.

We're officially live!

We're a team of designers and avid climbers who are inspired by the intersection of style and sport, art and movement. Our first drop aims to blend these elements while minimising our impact on the planet.

Alright, let's jump into the nitty-gritty and chat about our sustainability and ethical manufacturing game plan. We are totally hyped and pumped about this stuff because we're on a mission to go fully circular (AKA we're aiming to take care of our garments at the end of its life too). Let's get into the deets!

Materials Sourcing

When it comes to material sourcing - we believe in leaving no trace behind. That's why we love to source natural or recycled fabrics - like our recycled nylon. But that's not all - we're dead serious about cutting waste throughout the supply chain, so you can cop your AA pieces with confidence. Check out our Gravity Bamboo sweater, made from the perfect blend of Bamboo, Cotton and Spandex for the perfect mix of cozy and sustainability. 


We're also incredibly proud to partner with small producers from the lush landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. These local artisans align with our fair-compensation, ethical manufacturing values and share our vision to uphold the highest ethical standards. Whether we stay with our existing partners or expand to larger facilities, we’ll always stick to our commitment to ethical practices.


Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond the product itself, we’re flipping the script on packaging too! Right now, our inner layer comes in the form of a biodegradable cassava bag, magically disappearing when boiled (no, seriously). Sadly, our outer Fedex mailer is still made from 87% virgin plastic - all so we can offer more affordable international shipping options to you. But fear not, we're actively exploring alternative packaging options that won't break your bank in shipping fees.

Our mission to close the garment loop

As we enter years four and five, we’re shifting gears toward repairability and circularity. We’re planning to launch initiatives that encourage you to take good care of your garments and provide resources for repairs when needed. But that’s not all - we’re also exploring ways to recycle or upcycle garments at the end of their life cycle. Waste? Hell no! We’re committed to constantly innovating and enhancing our sustainability practices across all areas of our business. Join us as we share our progress along the way and redefine what it means to climb higher while treading lighter!